My Story

There’s the smell of the leather couches in the family room, the feel of my cotton snowflake printed sheets I insist on using throughout the humid Midwestern summer and the sound of the kitchen clock ticking, slicing through the silence of a house on a cul de sac with no traffic and large yards separating neighbors.  I love these comforts, I love my house, I love these memories. But I have never felt the “I’m so glad to be home!” that I have heard so many others describe when they come home from a trip. 

When I finally let go of the societal norms and social pressures I realized, instead, that I could make traveling into something more permanent.  I chose not to leave home, however, but to create new homes all around the world. Over the years I have lived, studied and worked on five different continents. From teaching English in Thailand to teaching English online, from learning Spanish in Colombia to learning Italian in Italy, from nannying in Europe to waitressing in Australia I have had the privilege to explore a lot of this extraordinary planet.  

My Vision

I now work remotely for an American company as what most refer to as a “digital nomad”. I do not get paid to travel, to write about travel, to do anything that remotely has to do with travel.  To me, it is more than just a passion, travel is my way of life. 

Instead of getting lost amongst the many excellent travel blogs out there, I wanted to create something different.  This website is a to help make planning as stress free and easy as possible. I have taken the websites and blogs I use and the method of planning that I go through to compile as much helpful information into one spot as I could. 

My travel style leans towards budget backpacker, but with having to work a 40 hour week I am now usually forced to upgrade accommodations.  That being said I tried to include information for all budgets and styles of travel. 

I hope you’ll find this useful, thanks for visiting! 

Korean Born
USA Raised
Italian at heart
Window Seat
Chicago Bears
Wisconsin Badgers
Dog person
White wine but coming around on red
Carb enthusiast


Salta, Argentina

Arab Street kebab

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