Italy- Overview

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So you’ve got a date with Italy now what?

My date: Milan, Genova, Cinque TerreVeniceFlorence 

Bormio; Emilia Romagna: Parma, Bologna, Rimini;  The South:  Sorrento, Positano, Capri; Sicily: Palermo; Venice, Rome and the Vatican

For how long? My time in Italy totals just over a year and a half (nonconsecutively).  Italy has the most Unesco World Heritage sites out of any country in the world. I’d spend as much time as you can here. As many times as possible.

First Impressions: If you could only do one thing in Italy…. Eat. Eat (and drink) your way through this beautiful country. But DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, make the mistake of thinking Italy is just pizza and spaghetti. Each region and city has their own specialty and you may be surprised about the variety of dishes Italy has and how different the authentic version may taste to what you’re used to. Italy does its food and wine right so when you visit, do right by Italy and eat the local food as it should be!

Will there be a second date? This is it, Italy is the one. When I finally decide to settle down, Italy is my forever. I love everything about this place from the culture to the food and wine to the landscape, the art the history and the people. I also have SO much more of the country to explore.

Budget: Accommodation- 

What to Bring: Loose fitting pants. You’re going to get fat. You just are.  

When to go: June-August are peak travel times due to the weather. However, it’s hot, it’s packed with tourists and the prices get hiked up. Shoulder season of May or September will find milder temps in most parts of Italy with smaller crowds. August most Italians get a lot of time off and the cities can be bare as all the locals head for the coasts. In the winter you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the Alps. 

Visas: Not required for US citizens for stays up to 90 days. BUT this includes all of the Schengen states so if you’ve spent 89 days in Spain you only have one day in Italy. Learn more about the Schengen area HERE. There should be a list of included countries at the bottom.  

Vaccinations: None 

***Always check beforehand. Information can change so make sure you’re checking yourself for up to date information on Visas, vaccinations, and safety recommendations from your government! US citizens can check HERE***


Hello/Goodbye- Ciao!          Thank-you- Grazie (grat-zee-ay) 

What did I miss? I hope to one day discover every inch of this place. Everywhere I haven’t beene yet is solely because I haven’t had the time and the money to do so. Some places of note that I have yet to visit: Naples, Bari, Turin, Lucca, Veneto, Naples, the rest of Sicily, Sardegna. Places I have been but have to revisit to better write about them- 

My favorite part: Food aside, the people here are everything. They are as loud as they are ridiculous and as stubborn as they are late. From their exaggerated hand gestures to their unwillingness to compromise when it comes to their food; from pride in their country to their curiosity in others; their passion for life in general has both inspired me and captured my heart and soul.