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The newest country in Europe and second newest in the world, Kosovo is full of proud people eager to share their past and shape their future.  They’ve been through a lot in recent years and have had many different influences forming a unique mix of cultures. 

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Basic Info

Drinking water: Safe to drink from the tap

Plugs: Type C and F (See photo below)

Covid Updates

Fully vaccinated or negative test (72 hours for PCR or 28 hours for Rapid Antigen) 

**Make sure to triple check entry requirements well before departure as protocols are constantly changing** 


Official currency: € Euro  

Credit cards: Fairly common, but you should have cash for small businesses and purchases.  

Tipping: Not expected 


Not required for 90 days within 180 for most of the Americas, Europe, Aus and NZ 

**Always check with your government for the most up to date information on visa requirements.**



**Assuming you are current on routine vaccinations. Always check with your government for the most accurate and up to date information on required vaccinations specific to your home country**


Exercise Normal Precautions

**Always check with your government for the most accurate and up to date information on safety**


Official Languages: Albanian

Hello: Përshëndetje! (Per-shun-dayt-yay)

Thank-you: Falemenderit (fah-leh-men-der-et)

Yes: Po      No: Jo (yo)

When to go

Warmest time: May – September (July and August being the hottest) makes this time ideal for hiking. September and October have warm daytime temps but they drop significantly at night so bring layers. 

Late April – early June is the most picturesque with spring blooming and some stray snow capped mountains from the winter. July and August will have some spikes in prices. 

Responsible Travel

Hire local guides

Eat, stay and shop local

Always be environmentally conscious

Be sensitive if you’re asking questions about the war. There are varying degrees of comfort in talking about it. 

Click below to get started. It will give me some information about what you’re looking for to help better tailor your trip to you! I will reach out to you within 48 hours. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime! 

Travel Kosovo - What to do in PRistina . Newborn sign
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