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North Macedonia

If you like statues, you’ve come to the right place. But North Macedonia is more than just statues and it’s more than just a new name. Come dive into the history behind the change while you enjoy some classic staples of Balkan culture as well as uniquely North Macedonian. 

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Basic Info

Drinking water: Safe to drink from the tap

Plugs: Type C and F (See photo below)

Covid Updates

Proof of full vaccination or negative test to forego quarantine. 

**Make sure to triple check entry requirements well before departure as protocols are constantly changing** 


Official currency: Ден Macedonian denar

Credit cards: Available at many hotels and larger restaurants but smaller towns and locally owned shops you should expect to pay with cash. 

Tipping: 10% or rounding up



85 jurisdictions can enter visa free for up to 90 days. 

**Always check with your government for the most up to date information on visa requirements.**



**Assuming you are current on routine vaccinations. Always check with your government for the most accurate and up to date information on required vaccinations specific to your home country**


Exercise Normal Precautions

**Always check with your government for the most accurate and up to date information on safety**


Official Languages: Macedonian

Hello: Здраво! (ZDRAH-voh)

Goodbye: Довидување! (doh-vee-DOO-vah-nyeh)

Thank-you: Благодарам. (blah-GOH-dah-rahm)

Yes: Да.(dah)      No: Не.(neh)

When to go

Just like the rest of Europe, the summer months are the warmest but the busiest. Skopje can get quite hot but the mountains are very pleasant. Late spring and early fall will see less crowds (especially at Ohrid) making it the ideal time to visit. Or come during winter for some skiing in the mountains.

Responsible Travel

Be respectful to both sides of the name debate.  

Avoid restaurants in Ohrid with trout on the menu unless you know it is from a local fish farm

Visit Ohrid outside of July and August to keep tourism afloat and spend locally. It gives back to the community and does not contribute as much waste as large hotel chains. 

Click below to get started. It will give me some information about what you’re looking for to help better tailor your trip to you! I will reach out to you within 48 hours. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime! 

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