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With a gorgeous capital city, delicious food and delightful people Sweden is an enjoyable destination at all times of the year. 


Basic Info

Drinking water: Safe to drink from the tap

Plugs: Type C and F (See photo below)

Covid Updates

A vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative test as long as coming from a country not on the banned list. See below for details. 

**Make sure to triple check entry requirements well before departure as protocols are constantly changing** 


Official currency: kr Swedish krona

Budget: Not exactly budget friendly but still worth visiting, even if your budget means you have to spend a little less time here. You can stay in dorms and cook your own food and save a good amount of money but museums and transportation will still cost you. Backpackers can expect to  spend around €45 a day while mid range travelers will be closer to  €115. 

Credit cards: Common 

Tipping: Welcome but not expected


Schengen state. 62 countries can enter for 90 days within 180 visa free. 

**Always check with your government for the most up to date information on visa requirements.**



**Assuming you are current on routine vaccinations. Always check with your government for the most accurate and up to date information on required vaccinations specific to your home country**


Exercise Normal Precautions

**Always check with your government for the most accurate and up to date information on safety**


Official Languages: Swedish

Hello: Hej (hey)   Goodbye: Hej då (hey door)

Thank-you: Tack (tah-kk)

Yes: Ja (yah)     No: Nej (nay)

Beer: Öl (url)  Water: Vatten (vaht-ten)

When to go

If you’re coming for the snow you’ll want to be here between late November and March. It gets quite cold but there is a plethora of winter activities. May – September has the warmest and brightest days. June and July will see the longest days and the Northern Lights are best spotted from late September – early April.  

Responsible Travel

Do your research on dog sledding, reindeer sledding and whale watching. You can find more information on Arctic animal tourism HERE.

Sweden travel guides 

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