Colombia: Medellín

The City of Eternal Spring has shed its dark past and turned into the vibrant and bustling place to be. After living here for four months Medellin will forever have my heart. 


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15 Traditional Colombian Dishes to try in Medellín 

20 Best Restaurants in Medellín 

Nightlife in Medellín – Make sure you get to Son Havana for salsa night! They’ve got free salsa lessons on Wednesdays for an hour before the bar opens and you can spend the rest of the evening salsaing away with people of all levels! 


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Where to Stay in Medellín 

My preferred neighborhood is Laureles, closer to the Estadio area but to me it was also important to be near the metro.  

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At a bare minimum I would stay no less than four days. Anywhere from a week onwards is much better, though if you can manage it because of the day and weekend trips as well as a really cool city worth getting to know a bit. 

Travel Colombia - Medellín

While located in a more or less centrally, its position in a valley can make traveling overland take a very long time. But whether it’s bus or a flight the rest of Colombia is easily accessible meaning there is no obvious “next” place. 

For more general information on traveling Colombia such as visas, money, Covid updates and more, visit my Colombia travel page.


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